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Let’s lay down a few of the facts: 

1. CBD is an oil that is taken out of the hemp plant.

2. CBD with THC levels under .3% are legal at the federal level.

3. THC, and not CBD, gives one a euphoric high. CBD does not contain psychoactive compounds.

4. Whether an oil, a topical, a tincture, a vapor, etc, how you use CBD depends on what form and what concentration you have.

5. CBD is not dangerous, but according to anecdotal accounts, it does have some incredible health, wellness, and healing properties, from anxiety to cancer to skin issues to inflammation.


Below are some of the most respected suppliers of Pure CBD Products.

Leaf Organics thumbnail_image.png


The CBD Entourage Effect
As natural plant components interact with one another, and within the human body, they produce a stronger influence together than any one of those components could alone.  Specific compounds will augment and magnify each other’s effects, making the overall plant infinitely more effective as a whole than in isolation. 

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CBD Fresh From The Farm

 Steve’s Goods is an award winning CBD Company that
uses locally sourced hemp and all organic ingredients.

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Your Hemp is one of the UK's leading premium CBD retailer that sells into multiple countries and is headed up by 3 individuals who have between them 25 years experience in the digital industry. We offer a wide range of products including oils, creams and water solubles. 

Sera Labs thumbnail_image.png


Sera Labs is the premiere CBD brand creating products that are natural and holistic, dedicated to health and wellness. We relentlessly push for the highest quality which allows us to offer the highest percentage of pure CBD in our products. We focus on the most advanced scientific practices along with the highest quality ingredients to provide a product that is both safe and quality-consistent with a compelling value pricing proposition for consumers.

Ojai Energetics image.png


At Ojai Energetics, we exist as a catalyst for good. We employ a non-negotiable, triple bottom line policy of putting people and the planet before profits while being fiscally successful. We are the change we want to see in the world. We strive to run our company with these values, exemplified by opting to run our servers using wind energy and ensuring access to our CBD products for those who cannot always afford them.

Kloris thumbnail_image.png


KLORIS is an award-winning premium natural wellness brand, with a focus on CBD based topical and oral products. We have a reputation for high quality, effective products with beautiful branding that are sustainably, ethically and responsibly made.

Pure Sport thumbnail_image.png


With so many low quality and unregulated products in the market Pure Sport, CBD has emerged as the premium brand that people can trust. Our products are guaranteed 0%THC being and are used by World Cup winners and Olympians worldwide. Consumers are now seeing that our products are trusted by elite drug tested athletes and in turn, know they can trust our products and what they are putting into their body. Our BSCG certification is Olympic standard and makes us the most certified batch tested CBD company in the world.

CBD has amazing benefits to Sleep Quality, Stress, Recovery, Anxiety, Pain Relief and Anti Inflammatory.

Doc Patels thumbnail_image.png


Curated By Doctors


We are dedicated to creating high-quality 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD products that you can feel confident in. Our CBD products are thoroughly vetted, hand-selected and Curated By Doctors with a 45-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Because it’s good for the mind as well as the body:

“Between the mental focus and overall clarity necessary to play a solid round, golf is a challenging sport. That’s where CBD can come into play”. (Source: ESPN)


Because it can alleviate anxiety and stress:

“Within less than a minute, I felt a de-escalation, and after a few minutes, I felt noticeably, appreciably calmer”. (Source: GoodHousekeeping)


Because even medical professionals recognize it’s healing powers:

“As a physician, I recommend nutritious hemp seeds and oil to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet. Everyone will benefit when American farmers can grow this amazing crop once again”. (Source: Dr. Weil)


Because the world is quick to judge:

I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can’t make you high, but they will make you feel good”. (Source: Ziggy Marley)


Because even athletes can see how it helps:

“CBD is a desperately needed natural way for athletes to recover from minor and major injuries without long-term effects or addictions”. (Source: Forbes)

CBD is a natural, plant-based form of treatment. Whether what ails you is of the mind, of the body, or both, cannabidiol oil has the potential power to change lives when people allow it to. It’s so natural, it contains compounds that already exist within the human body.

Though it’s currently being touted as a miracle, cure-all, there are of course boundaries that exist to limit the power of the compound. Pain management, anxiety, stress, aches, pains, cancer, appetite increaser, muscle recovery, are simply some of the more common conditions it’s purported to aid and relieve. 

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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