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For years Pure Life Cookware has shown our clients how to live a better lifestyle by paying attention to the way we prepare our food, drinking plenty of pure water, and breathing clean air. The products we chose to use can be just as important.

Organic is used to mean “healthful” or “close to nature.”  We know you will be thrilled with the select companies we are featuring here.

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Formulating Babo Products!

Although I originally created the products with babies and children in mind, the products perform so well that Babo is quickly becoming a family brand, providing products that babies, children, teenagers, and adults all love. The brand has grown, but at its heart it will always be a small, family company.

Babo Botanicals is a perfect marriage of my professional expertise and my passion for sustainable agriculture. I feel so fortunate to get work every day with products I love and believe in, and it's my greatest joy to share it with other families. My mission is to provide the highest quality, purest family hair and skincare products, and Babo is entering its 8th year of fulfilling that mission.

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AILLEA is all about empowering women to make healthy choices about the products they put on their body. 

A lifetime beauty junkie and former executive in the beauty industry in New York City, my head started to spin when I tried to “clean up” my beauty routine. I started on the journey of replacing every product I use with one that works as well or better as the ones I had been using, but had no toxic chemicals. The amount of green washing (having one organic ingredient but lots of other chemicals and advertising as organic) and false advertising left me frustrated and incensed.

Realizing that true transparency does not exist in the beauty industry, I set out to create a safe haven where people KNOW that EVERY product is safe - free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors or other toxic chemicals, and were not tested on animals. No exceptions.   But where all of the products also still work and deliver all of the performance I had come to expect (and love) working in the industry... Lets be honest - who wants to rub mud in their hair and smell like vinegar?  I certainly don't.  I didn't think I should have to compromise my beauty standards to be healthy! 

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Our ingredients are complete, authentic, and unique

just like you.

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SAFE & CHIC is the premier destination for clean & cruelty free beauty. We offer you an elite shopping experience with almost 2000 products and over 100 brands and counting. Find an extensive selection of beauty, skincare and hair products that are environmentally safe and never tested on animals. OUR VISION - SAFE & CHIC ® fills a critical void in the marketplace: Eco-chic customers searching for healthy beauty products often review multiple sources to discern which brands are safe. We’ve transformed the industry by making cosmetics and healthy skincare care products easy to research and convenient to purchase. WHAT WE DO - Every product sold at SAFE & CHIC ® is free of parabens and other dangerous chemicals found in most mainstream products. We have thoroughly researched thousands of products for safety and effectiveness; including running them through the Think Dirty, Good Guide and EWG Skin Deep database to ensure our commitment to quality. SAFE & CHIC ® makes it easier for customers who want to look beautiful while staying healthy using safer beauty products. You’ll never have to compromise beauty for safety.


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The  Hallelujah Diet is a clean food, plant-based diet – for people who are interested in preventive health care and making dietary changes to improve their health.  We are an online purveyor of the most effective and scientifically-tested natural supplements, juices, protein bars, recipes and books.

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Beauty & health products that are pure, clean and fun! Our products are made with natural botanical extracts, enzymes, skin-nurturing anti-oxidants, organic fruits and vegetables. Also, for in-home fitness, we offer products for amazing results – like the world-famous ThighMaster! 

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Puracy is a family company founded in 2013 that makes high-quality natural care products that actually work... really well. Products include personal care items like body wash, lotion, and soap; home care items like multi-surface cleaners, stain removers, and detergents; to a whole line of baby care items including shampoos, dish soap, and more

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